Add:South Xingguang Road, Industrial Park, Shanggao County, Yichun City, Jiangxi, China
PC:[email protected]

Founder of the company graduated from Dalian Chemical Physics Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and worked Shanghai Institute of organic Chemistry for many years with organic synthesis.

Before the production site in Jiangxi establishment, the company started as a research and development company in Shanghai, focusing on chemical synthesis with small quantity and CMO products with bigger quantity.  

The lab company accumulated a certain experience in the production of industrial amplification with CMO products.
In May 2011, Shanggao Ruiya Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. established pharmaceutical division, specialized in pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical raw materials research and development, production and sales. 

In 2014, 33,000 sqm land was acquired for cCMP operation site: Jiangxi Ruiya Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, which will run at mid of 2016. 


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